Initial light and fiber test on the IOS side.

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May 28th, 2008

This may sound as a simple question but I have to ask to see other's experience in that matter.

Here the situation:


with 2xTengigabitethernet interfaces.

2 basic default config on each side:


no ip address

When the port is in no shut.

I'm aware that the LINK will not be

in switchport mode... and since

no ip address it will not reachable

on layer 3.

My Question: Will there still be any activity or protocols or any kind of

autonegotiation that will take place and traffic will start moving accross this link... like CDP or other type?

My Question part2:

To allow onsite technicianss to test the fiber level is there a recommended configuration to make sure that no traffic at all will pass thru this

link (keeping in mind that theses two equipments already are working and carry critical traffic on many other interfaces).



I have this problem too.
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didyap Tue, 06/03/2008 - 12:55

At time of applying no shut command on the interface, all the activity for that interface will be stopped means and no any activity for any protocols or any functionality for that particular shut interface.


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