Video mpeg4 is not displaying in LCD via DMM-DMP

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May 29th, 2008
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We are using CISCO DMS-DMM for our digtial signage solutions, as the media content(input) for the DMM will be MPEG1, 2 & MPEG4.

We are developing content in the above formats for video, at this point we are facing a problem with MPEG4 format video which is not playing in LCD TV when we delployed through DMM.

We are converting the video footage into MPEG4 using MPEG4 Direct Maker software which has a option to select MP4 simple profile & MP4 Advanced Simple profile.

Kindly suggest us which MPEG4 converting software will make compatiable video(MP4) for Cisco DMM & DMP.

with regards


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Charles Little Fri, 05/30/2008 - 05:31
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MPEG2 TS is the current recommended codec format for the DMP4305 If you wish to use MPEG4 this is the current codec that will work:(MPEG 4 part 2 - Advanced Simple Profile @ Level 5)

You cannot use MPEG4 Part10 which is H.264. That codec is not supported yet. Wait for the 5.0 version coming out this summer. That is probably why your videos are not playing. Most lower end prosummer encoders default to MPEG4 P10. Check to see if the Direct Maker software has the P2 codec.

There are many good encoders available. I use Procoder by Canopus.

Charles Little Fri, 05/30/2008 - 06:49
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I am not familiar with the encoder you are using. If you do not see MPEG p4 then that means you probably do not have that codec on your encoder. You may check your documentation or the encoders website.

On a further note.

Why are you using MPEG4 and not MPEG2? I understand why you would wish to use MPEG4 P10 h.264 since it gives you a 50% better compression ratio than MPEG2, but H.264 is not supported in the current DMP player. So it will not work. MPEG4 P2 does not give you any better resolution and offers no better picture or compression than MPEG2. Why use it?

Why not just use MPEG2? That would be the easy solution here without spending money on a new encoder software package.

Charles Little Fri, 05/30/2008 - 10:43
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When DMS 5.0 launches soon and you get hold of one of the new DMPs, then it will be worth looking at H.264. I will be.


Anantha.Areti Mon, 06/02/2008 - 11:03
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Thanks for all your advice and we are using mpeg2 for now.



Charles Little Sat, 06/07/2008 - 03:39
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There is more than one flavor of MGEG4. The DMP will work with MPEG4 Part4, but this CODEC gives you no advantages over an MPEG2 TS, which is the recommended CODEC by Cisco for the DMP4305G. Multicasting either a MPEG2 TS or an MPEG4 P4 TS across the network is problematic simply because of the bandwidth required to sustain those streams. This tactic will work on a small LAN but in larger installs with other traffic on the network their could be issues. The DMP 4305 is not capable of running MPEG4 Part 10 which is the H.264 CODEC. The H.264 CODEC delivers an excellant compression with a 50% reduction in file size over a MPEG2 compression. Makes HD across the Network possible and something to consider. When the DMP4400G is released later this month by Cisco we will have a DMP that will play the H.264 CODEC. Looking forward to checking it out.

VLC is a great tool. Price is right.

Hi Charles,

THANK YOU for your contributions to the posts. I've been hoping for a cisco digital signage forum or user group setting for about a year now. I even started a blog today to muster some interest and then found this.

The DMM/DMPs are great but need a lot of work, we hope to be able to contribute our greatest needs. At the present, the scheduler is really giving us some problems.

Thanks for any input, I posted on this earlier. Phil


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