adding new E1 to NAS & PGW problem ?????? .................................

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Jun 1st, 2008
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Dears all,

itried to add new E1 to my system but ss7 signal didn't come up, i attached my test commands and my PGW and NAS configurations, just i need to mention that now i have 2 E1s are running with no probles but when i add new E1 the problems appeared ..... any help please ?


NAS configuration:

controller E1 7/7

framing NO-CRC4

channel-group 0 timeslots 1

pri-group timeslots 2-31 nfas_d primary nfas_int 0 nfas_group 2

description Connection to International


interface Serial7/7:0

no ip address

encapsulation ss7

channel-id 2


interface Serial7/7:15

no ip address

encapsulation hdlc

isdn switch-type primary-ni2c

isdn incoming-voice modem

isdn map address . plan isdn type network

isdn rlm-group 2

no isdn send-status-enquiry

isdn negotiate-bchan resend-setup

isdn bchan-number-order ascending

no cdp enable

rlm group 2

protocol rlm port 3004

server PGW1

link address source FastEthernet0/0 weight 1

ss7 session 0 address 7000 7000 session-set 0

ss7 mtp2-variant Bellcore 3

ss7 mtp2-variant itu 0

SUERM-number-octets 16


PGW configuration:

prov-add:DPC:NAME="dpc-inter",DESC="DPC of inter",NETADDR="1.1.2",NETIND=3

prov-add:SS7PATH:NAME="ss7p-jtc-inter",DESC="ss7 path to inter",MDO="ETS_300_356",CUSTGRPID="0000",SIDE="network",DPC="dpc-inter",OPC="tar-opc",M3UAKEY="",ORIGLABEL="",TERMLABEL=""

prov-add:LNKSET:NAME="linkset-inter",DESC="Link Set inter",APC="dpc-inter",PROTO="SS7-ITU",TYPE="IP"

prov-add:SS7ROUTE:NAME="ss7route-inter",DESC="ss7 route to inter",OPC="tar-opc",DPC="dpc-inter",LNKSET="linkset-inter",PRI=1

prov-add:NASPATH:NAME="naspath3-inter",DESC="Nas Path to AS5400 to inter",EXTNODE="as5400",MDO="BELL_1268_C2",CUSTGRPID="0000",SIGSLOT=0,SIGPORT=0

prov-add:C7IPLNK:NAME="cs7iplinktointer",DESC="cs7 link to inter",LNKSET="linkset-inter",SLC=0,PRI=1,TIMESLOT=2,SESSIONSET="cs7set1"

prov-add:IPLNK:NAME="nas-iplink3",DESC="IP link 3 to AS5400",SVC="naspath3-inter",IPADDR="IP_Addr1",PORT=3005,PEERADDR="",PEERPORT=3005,PRI=1,IPROUTE=""


thank you for any helping


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