Cisco 871W eZVPN is unable to connect Cisco PIX vpn server

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Jun 1st, 2008

crypto ipsec client ezvpn TEST

connect auto

group Cisco key cisco123

mode client


xauth userid mode interfactive

interface FastEthernet4

ip address

ip access-group 101 in

ip nat outside

crypto ipsec client ezvpn TEST

Internet Vlan1

ip address

ip access-group 100 out

ip nat inside

crypto ipsec client ezvpn TEST inside

ip route

ip nat inside source route-map EzVPN1 interface FastEthernet4 overload

access-list 100 permit ip any any

access-list 101 permit ip any any

access-list 103 permit ip any

route-map EzVPN1 permit 1

match ip address 103

These are the following commands I applied in my Router, It is able to connect but unable to access any other servers. The same user name & password I tried with the VPN dialer it works on my Laptop. Anything I am missing on the router configuration. The VPN server is Cisco PIX 515E.

Cisco IOS on 871W is 12.3(8)Y12

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Farrukh Haroon Fri, 06/06/2008 - 18:43

1) Isn't your default route supposed to be pointing towards the external interface?

ip route ?

2) Can you change the 'mode client' to 'mode network-extension'. Also the PIX will need 'nem enable'.

Have a look at the following (I'm assuming you already have as your config seems to be similar):

For old 6.x code on PIX, have a look at:



Anand Narayana Sun, 06/22/2008 - 05:36


Thanks for responding, there wass BUG in the IOS which was installed on this device, after upgrading to the latest it started working.


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