gogasca Mon, 06/02/2008 - 18:19
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Oh boy, is not the best version to run with a customer, glad to hear you are upgrading...I really recommend going for at least 5.1(3)latest ES or 6.x which are pretty decent versions

Please take a look at;


could you please post the install logs.

How many servers?

Server model

Upgrade method, SFTP, DVD?



fopravil Tue, 06/03/2008 - 04:21
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thanks for interest.

I am not quite sure I understand the "release note": does the paragraph "Upgrade During Install Fails" say that I shoud do 5.0(4a) upgrade first?

My customer has only one server, unfortunately; type HP DL320-G4, 2.8GHz processor.

First time I attempted to upgrade from DVD, and I have got the following error message:


System Error. Please verify the MD5 hash value against the Cisco Systems web site: 9e:38:b8:fe:9a:e7:c1:26:30:52:e1:fc:6c:28:47:32


But the MD5 hash has been correct; possibly the upgrade program has ejected the DVD too soon?

So I used FTP to do the upgrade. The upgrade lasted about 1/2 hour, when I have got the following messages:


Current Version:

Upgrade Version:

You have requested to upgrade the machine with version:

A backup is highly recommended before proceeding.

File cisco-ipt-k9-patch5.0.4.4000-1.tar.gz

Start Time Mon Jun 02 15:06:14 CEST 2008

Status Failed. Please review the log.


Please find the log from upgrade installation in enclosed file Cucm5.0.4cUpg.txt.

Can I use the "cisco-ipt-k9-patch5.0.4.2000-1.tar.gz" to do the upgrade? It is not signed, the CUCM 5.0.4 upgrade will not accept it?

Or can I upgrade directly to cisco-ipt-k9-patch5.1.3.3000-5.tar.gz.sgn?


fopravil Tue, 06/03/2008 - 04:56
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one more question. CUCM 5.1(3.2104.1) Engineering Special is half the size of CUCM 5.1(3b) patch. Is it missing anything?

Regards F. Opravil


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