ASA 5505 Performance: Miserable under XP, Fine with Linux?

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I currently am connecting to work from my home office with an ASA 5505. If I try to browse the work computers (i.e. do a directory listing) using a Windows XP box the response is not just slow, it's miserable. It can take anywhere from many seconds to several minutes simply to list a directory.

If I use a Linux box connected to the same network the response is almost instantaneous (less than a second).

I've played around with the MTU on the windows box, but nothing seems to fix the issue.

Given that my job involves accessing hundreds (if not thousands) of files on the work machines, this kind of performance is not just annoying, it's crippling.

Are there known issues with XP and VPN? Is there anything I can do short of trying to get the entire company to ditch Windows for a real operating system??


I have this problem too.
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