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I'm a novice working with cisco switches but I know enough to do upgrades to software and basic troubleshooting. I have a Cat 4006 switch. I recently and successfully updated to the software version to NmpSW: 7.6(6) I also successfully updated the bootstrap version to 6.1(5). One thing I noticed after upgrading is my Hardware Version Did not change. The hardware version listed when I 'show version' is 3.2 and after the upgrades the hardware version was still 3.2. This is also listed under the HW column for Mod 1 which is the supervisor when using the 'show version' command. Should this version change with the upgrades? Or, is the only way to change the hardware version is to replace the supervisor? Secondly, will the switch run fine with the Software version at 7.6(6) and the bootstrap at 6.1(5) if I leave the Hardware version at 3.2?

I have this problem too.
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glen.grant Wed, 06/04/2008 - 15:33

No the hardware version will not change with a supervisor upgrade . Hardware version I believe is generally the board revision build number and does not normally change, someone else can chime in if I am mistaken.


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