UCM 6.0 upgrade from CCM 4.13

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I will be upgrading my CallManager 4.13 cluster (1 pub & 2 sub) to UCM 6.0. I plan to install the UCM 6.0 on a new server and import the 4.13 data to the new server using DMA. When the new server is up, I plan to do a phased migration of the phones and gateways to 6.0.

Has anyone done a phased migration from 4.13 to 6.0? Will the phones that are registered to 6.0 UCM be able to call the phones that are registered to CCM 4.13, and vice-versa? Will inbound calls from the PSTN to the gateways that are registered to the CCM 4.13 be able to reach the phones that are registered to UCM 6.0? Will phones that are registered to UCM 6.0 be able to call to the PSTN via the gateways that are registered to CCM 4.13?

Please note that my CCM 4.13 is still up and running during the phased migration.

I look forward to any suggestions. Thank you.


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gogasca Wed, 06/04/2008 - 15:30
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Nop, that wont work

CCM running one version cannot communicate to other CCM in different version.

I recommend you to either upgrade all at the same time or register everything to one server

Tommer Catlin Thu, 06/05/2008 - 10:59
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So if I had (4) servers in a cluster, would it better to:

- upgrade the Publisher first (of course)

- Leave the 3 subscribers running

- check the pub, license, etc on cucm6

- drop a subscriber (last one or least used) upgrade this one to cucm6

- 2nd sub

- 3rd sub

By the time I reboot the 3rd sub, they should start to register with the newest subscriber correct? (Depending on device pool, cucm group, etc)

Trying to make seemless upgrade to the end users where as I will only reboot the phones (2), once if possible.


Thank you for your recommendation. I would like to avoid doing an in-place upgrade of my 4.1(3)sr1 publisher because if the upgrade crashes, then my 4.1(3)sr1 is gone, and I have to rebuild the 4.1(3) publisher.

Instead, I would like to install a temp publisher with UCM 6.0, import the 4.1(3)sr1 database, and move the phones that are registered on my 4.1(3) cluster to the UCM 6.0 publisher.

If the UCM 6.0 publisher gives me problems, then I can move the phones back to the 4.1(3) cluster and have everything working again.

Basically, I want to have minimal impact to the users and minimal downtime during the migration.

So, I revert back to my question - how do I move the phones from the 4.1(3) cluster to the UCM 6.0 cluster?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


Tommer Catlin Thu, 06/05/2008 - 13:54
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If you have new hardware it works perfect. DMA the 4.x, load up your new publisher offline. Once you are ready, take the 4.x publisher, bring up the 6.x publisher. Drop the old subscriber and all the phones register to the new publisher. You will need to restart the device pools on the phones so the get the new TFTP loads. Bring up your new Subscriber and you are set.

Minimal downtime.

My install is an inplace, no new hardware, so I was trying to fanagle my way around some things to keep things running as long as possible in the cluster.


Thank you for the suggestion. Per your suggestion, since the you are loading the new publisher offline, I assume you will be using the SAME IP address as the 4.1(3) publisher. Am I correct?

Also, I'm think of upgrading one of the subscribers to UCM 6.0, so that I'll have 1 pub and 1 sub under UCM 6.0, and 1 pub and 1 sub under CCM 4.1(3)sr1. That way, I don't have to worry about overloading my UCM 6.0 pub with everything when I move the devices (phones, gateways, etc) to the UCM 6.0 cluster.



cmezzapelle Thu, 06/05/2008 - 10:02
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Put a trunk between CCM 4.13 and CUCM 6.x and create Route Patterns to route the calls between each


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