paolo bevilacqua Fri, 06/06/2008 - 08:53
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Can you send output of "show dsl interface" and mention which exact router type it is.

yayasolenet Sun, 06/08/2008 - 05:49
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Thank you for trying to help.

It is cisco 857.

I did not do " sh dsl interface" and I changed it to syslink router which worked.

What does "sh dsl interface" do? To check the Noise Margin, etc?


yayasolenet Mon, 06/09/2008 - 17:44
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The original fw version is 3.0.14, I upgraded it to 3.0.33.

But there is not much difference.

I think the problem is the line quality.

I connected it to another line, it does work. They are the same isp. Have a look of the working line status. Is the noise margin (10dB) too low? I have no chance to try the command on the one that did not work with cisco but other router.

What is the acceptable figure for cisco router to connect to the adsl2+ dslam?



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