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Jun 8th, 2008

After reading all the information on line it has actually made my head spin. I'm looking to add to my lab for CCNP studies.

I used 3 2610's and 2 2924xl and I got through CCNA perfectly. Now for the NP, I'm thinking about getting 2 2950''s and 2 or 3 possible 3640's or 2611xm. I don't plan on using this gear after CCNP its far to expensive to make CCVP or CCSP labs so I will use rack rentals. I know so far I'm missing layer 3 switching without at 3550 switch. I'm also missing ospfv3 with my current setup, but if I add the 2 new routers they should cover that, or do I need 3? I tried using dynamips, but i hate fighting with it to make it work, so just getting the gear and it working will save me more time which is more important these days.

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Rob Huffman Mon, 06/09/2008 - 05:14

Hi Terrence,

The recommendations from Wendell Odom's Blog are very good;

CCNP Lab Part 1 - Overview and Budget Survey

CCNP Lab Part 2 How Badly Do You Need an L3 Switch?

CCNP Lab Part 3 - Which L2 Switch?

CCNP Lab Part 4 - Where's the Beef in ONT?

CCNP Lab Part 5 - CCNP Wireless Config (Poll)

CCNP Lab Series - Master Links


Hope this helps!


sirdudesly Tue, 06/10/2008 - 00:29

I know that you mentioned dynamips but have you tried using the gns3 graphical frontend? Lets you draw out nice pretty diagrams like you would in visio and then connect to each device graphically (really needs to be run on linux otherwise it runs pretty poorly -- doesn't fair too badly on a 3.16ghz c2d 8gb I have at home ;) )


About the 2950's, they're practically a steal these days on ebay I've seen 24 port 10/100's go for about AU$70 (cheapest i've seen ones with gibE up is about AU$120) so you can't go far wrong. Occasionally you see 3600 series switchs for a good price but it's a bit rarer.

2611xm is a good router, i'm not sure if a 1700 series would be just as good fit (in a home lab the form factor might be better)


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