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I am bringing up a new facility in India and looking to deploy Cisco WAAS between this facility and the Corp Data Center in California. I have not work with Cisco WAAS before and not sure how to go about designing a solution for this type of scenario.

Has anyone deploy WAAS between India and US before ? Did it really work for you ? What were the hardware components involved in your deployment ? please share your experience !!!

any documentation on designing and configuring WAAS is highly appreciated !!!

Thank you very much in advance !!!


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dstolt Tue, 06/10/2008 - 09:33
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I do not personally run a WAAS network from india to the US, however, I assist in deploying them. I would recommend that you take a look at the Bandwidth Delay Product to ensure you have your optimized tcp buffers adjusted appropriately.

Hope that helps,


Hello Dan ! I appreciate your response !!! Please advise me on the type of hardware / software that I need to get to make a working solution. I have an MPLS WAN with about 20 sites in North America and a couple sites outside of North America and we're looking to deploy WAAS between India and US only for the time being. I am currently running 3800 series router at US corporate site as well as at the India site. The India site will connect to US corporate via an E1 with about 80 users at the India site.

I am currently looking at the WAE-612 for the US corporate site and the NME-WAE-502 or 522 module for the India site, if WAAS really works for our India site there is a possibility that will expand it to other remote sites. Is there anything else that I would need to make a working solution ? Please me know !!!

Can you also explain what the WCCP and Control Manager are for ? Do I need to have them to make a working solution ?

thank you very much !!!


dstolt Tue, 06/10/2008 - 19:47
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I really hate to say this, but I recommend that you contact a cisco sales or partner to assist you in sizing and designing the initial setup. There are a lot of factors that I look at including WAN load, applications running and future scaling considerations. However, for a pilot, your hardware looks OK, and I would recommend using the latest WAAS code on to run on the hardware.

WCCP is a protocol for interception of traffic running through a cisco networking device (router or switch). It is use to intercept and redirect specified traffic to an external device. In the case of WAAS, it's all TCP traffic (services 61,62).

A Central Manager is a device used to configure and monitor the WAAS network. It has centralized reporting, configurations, etc. Currently, in WAAS 4.0.x, if you want to accelerate CIFS with the Application Adapter, you have to have a CM in your network.

Hope that helps,



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