lee.reade Tue, 06/10/2008 - 00:44
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Do you mean that you want the loopback address to appear in the management VRF, so that a remote management system can access this IP address and only this IP address?

If so, then best way to do this would be to do the following on the PE of the device that you want to management via loopback;

a. create ip prefix list and match loopback address (best to match /32)

b. create a route-map with the first entry matching the prefix list

c. set the route-target to something other than what PE normally exports the routes as, ie, if the PE exports normal routes as 100:100, you do " set ext rt 100:200" under the route-map permit statement

d. add the route-map to the vrf as an export map

e. on the remote PE that connects to the management VRF, configure the VRF to import the new 100:200 route-target, this means it will import the management loopback address

That should be all!

Hope this helps.




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