CM 6.x Can you Call Pickup a call to a shared line?

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rob.huffman Wed, 06/11/2008 - 06:22

Hi Michael,

I thought this was an interesting question so I just set this up in our Lab using Shared Lines and Call Pickup worked just fine (not on CCM 6.x) There are no restrictions shown either;

Shared Line Restrictions

The following restrictions apply to shared lines:

•Do not use shared lines for Cisco Unified CallManager Attendant Console pilot points or hunt group members. The phone that acts as the attendant console supports shared lines.

•Do not use shared-line appearances on any Cisco Unified IP Phone that requires autoanswer capability and do not turn on auto answer for a shared-line appearance.

•Do not configure shared-line appearances on the primary lines of the phones; for example, if two phones have a shared-line appearance, only one of the phones should have the primary line configured as shared (the other phone should have the secondary line configured as shared).

•Barge and Privacy work with shared lines only.

•Cisco recommends that you do not configure shared lines for Cisco Unified IP Phones, H.323 clients, and MGCP POTS phones; likewise, Cisco recommends that you do not configure shared lines for H.323 clients and MGCP POTS phones. If you configure the same shared-line appearance for a H.323 client, a MGCP POTS phone, for example, NetMeeting, and a Cisco Unified IP Phone, you cannot use the hold/resume feature on the H.323 client or MGCP POTS phone.

•Cisco recommends that you do not configure shared lines for Cisco SIP IP Phone models 7905, 7912, 7940, and 7960 because these phones cannot pick up held calls on shared lines nor can they use the shared-line features Barge, cBarge, and Privacy.

If you change the Calling Search Space or Call Forward and Pickup settings on any device that uses the shared line, the changes apply to all devices that use that shared line.


The following restrictions apply to call pickup group:

•Although different lines on a phone can be assigned to different call pickup groups, Cisco does not recommend this setup because it can be confusing to users.

•You cannot delete a call pickup group number when it is assigned to a line or directory number. To determine which lines are using the call pickup number, use Dependency Records. To delete a call pickup group number, reassign a new call pickup group number to each line or directory number.

•When you update a call pickup group number, Cisco Unified CallManager automatically updates all directory numbers that are assigned to that call pickup group.

•Cisco Unified CallManager Attendant Console does not work with the call pickup group feature. The attendant console user interface cannot appropriately handle calls coming from or made to phones belonging to a call pickup group due to JTAPI and CTI limitations.

Hope this helps!


Jaime Valencia Wed, 06/11/2008 - 06:36

i agree with Rob on this one, there is no limitation on that. what's the call flow?

is the call direct? or thru a line group or hunt group?



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rob.huffman Wed, 06/11/2008 - 07:52

Hi Michael,

First off you are always welcome :) I'm nut sure if you need this functionality but if you do look into this fix;

Here is the link to the actual TAC Case Collection and a short clip;

In order to enable this functionality (Pickup in Hunt Groups) in Cisco CallManager:

Enter CSCsb42763, in mixed case, into the Cisco Support Use 1 Enterprise Parameter under the new Cisco Support use Only group, and click update. Only the CSCsb42763 value in this parameter enables the configuration in step two. Change the value to anything else in order to disable this functionality.

Go to the Hunt Pilot Configuration page, choose a Call Pickup Group from the dropdown list and click update.

For Cisco CallManager 4.2, the same bug is applicable. The only change is that in the enterprise parameter it is called Unsupported Pickup in the CCMAdmin Parameters group.

Hope this helps!



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