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I have call manager 6.0 running on a publisher and subscriber. Things are generally working as advertised except for one problem with duplicate directory numbers (DNs).

The problem appears to come up when I get a request to move a DN from one site to another. The process I follow is:

1. add the DN to the requested phone

2. assign the DN on the new phone to the new partition

3. go back to the original phone and remove (dis-associate) the DN from it.

This process appears to create two DN instances in the database, one with the new partition, one with the old partition.

When I go back and clean up (delete) the orphaned DN I get and error (Unmapped Exception null) but the record appears to get deleted.

Has any body else seen this behavior?

Is there a different procedure I should be following to move DNs?

Is there a database maintenance procedure I should be running?


I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by gogasca about 8 years 7 months ago

You may check CSCsk07400 and CSCsj95732 which are duplicated bugs you may upgrade to latest 6.1.2

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