7937 Conference Handset on CME4.3

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Jun 12th, 2008


Further to previous conversations, I have tonight upgraded our customer's CME to in order that they can make use of a newly purchsed 7937 handset. Having followed the instructions posted within other conversations, I believe that the config is now complete. However, when the 7937 boots up - it just displays the message 'configuring unified CM list' and hangs indefinitely.

I have the following entries in my config, which I believe are all that are required:

tftp-server flash:phone/7937/apps37sccp.1-1-1-1.bin alias apps37sccp.1-1-1-1.bin


load 7937 apps37sccp.1-1-1-1

ephone-type 7937

device-id 431

device-name Cisco 7937 Conference

num-buttons 1

max-presentation 1

ephone 20

device-security-mode none

mac-address 0004.F2E1.2623

type 7937

button 1:23

I've attached the full running-config in case anyone would like to take a further look...

Thanks in advance for your assistance.



I have this problem too.
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Kenneth Mohammed Thu, 06/12/2008 - 15:07

Hello, not too familiar with that particular phone, but if it is one of the newer java-based phones, I dont think you have all of the files that you need. You can do a "debug tftp events" to see what files the phone is looking for. Also, you can do a "show flash" to see if the below mentioned files are present as I think it needs the following:







then under telephony-service:


load 7937 SCCP37.1-1-1

Hope that helped.

gordonmarkus Thu, 06/12/2008 - 15:57


I have the config in telephony-service ok, but the only file that is in the flash:/phone/7937/ directory is apps37sccp.1-1-1-1.bin

Have you any idea as to where might I get the additional files from? I did my install from the cme-full- file, so all the files were self extracted. I have just checked the contents of the .tar on my laptop and the only file that is in phones/7937 is the one that is on my CME.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.



(actually attached config this time!)

Kenneth Mohammed Fri, 06/13/2008 - 06:22

You are right. I was just looking at the firmware files for that phone and that appears to be the only one. What does it say when you debug tftp events and debug ephone registration?

gordonmarkus Sat, 06/14/2008 - 07:59


Thanks for the responding to my messages so quickly.

I'm not sure what firmware is on the handset at the moment, as I can't get it booted (unless someone know how to get into the menus before the phone registers).

As for debug tftp event, I can't remember seeing anything happening in relation to that particular ephone when it boots up, but I can get the customer to phyically reset the phone again on Monday and I'll run the debug again.

Thanks again for your help,



gordonmarkus Mon, 06/16/2008 - 04:54


Just to let you know that we now have this up and running, following a TAC case.

The 7937 required a factory reset, which is performed using the key sequence application, then **1.

All the best,



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