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Jun 13th, 2008
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Welcome to the Cisco Networking Professionals Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to get an update on Hosted Unified Communications Services which can provide customers the benefits of an efficiently deployed Unified Communications network with Cisco expert Scott Boynton. Scott is a senior manager of product management in the IP Communications Business Unit (IPCBU) at Cisco. Scott leads a team developing Cisco's Hosted Unified Communications Services offering. His team's focus covers eight business unit products and five third party vendor products coalesced into a solution for service providers and systems integrators.

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sboynton Mon, 06/23/2008 - 11:27
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sorry Edward, your question did not come through. Can you re-enter it please?

thomas.chen Wed, 06/18/2008 - 23:19
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Hi Scott,

Why doesn't the Hosted UCS solution support the latest Unified Communications Manager when it releases?


sboynton Mon, 06/23/2008 - 11:26
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The Hosted UCS solution is fully regression tested as a solution, not just a set of individual products. The dial plan is predesigned and configured as part of the provisioning system. Therefore we need time to test all the possible call flow patterns which can take as much as 6 months. This eliminates the need for the customer to perform this function and ensures the customer does not see interoperability issues or unexpected bugs.

pelzinga1 Thu, 06/19/2008 - 14:41
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I have recently setup Callconnector for MS office, using the TAPI interface. The software is great but how do i point the outlook contact db to a BCM database? I have searched hi and low and not found anything related to this.

sboynton Mon, 06/23/2008 - 11:31
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I'm sorry but with the Hosted UC platform we deal with a different type of Microsoft offering (hosted) and have not dealt with this issue. Let me see if I can find an engineer on Callconnector and get back to your question.

vocitynet Thu, 06/19/2008 - 19:58
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Hello Scott,

Do you have any experience about Avaya Octel system migration to Unity Connection? you know, while deploying VoIP, we cannot finish it within one year, so we need make sure users between the two system could forward messages with each other. Any good ideas? Thanks in advance!

sboynton Mon, 06/23/2008 - 11:40
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I don't know the answer to this specifically but I do know we have papers on Octel to Unity migrations that can answer this question. Look at this URL for white papers on Unity.

If you don't find the answer please ask your Cisco SE to search on our internal web for other white papers.

Matthew Berry Tue, 06/24/2008 - 08:13
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Do you have any experience deploying a secondary environment that is a nearly complete mirror of production's configurations?

Obviously, the mirroring cannot be EXACT since the servers will have different names and IPs. However, I would like to figure out the strategy to design, build, and maintain a replica to be used to post development, pre-production testing.

sboynton Tue, 06/24/2008 - 08:38
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Are you looking for how to set up a redundant configuration within the Hosted UCS environment? Are you intending this secondary environment to be a lab to pretest upgrades or a hot standby site in case of primary failure?

Matthew Berry Tue, 06/24/2008 - 08:41
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Yes, a completely redudant configuration to pretest upgrades. It will not be a hot-standby.

The environment is an Enterprise UCS environment, not hosted, but I imagine the idea behind the implementation would be the same.

sboynton Wed, 06/25/2008 - 14:16
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Normally you would set up the equipment in the lab exactly like you have it in production. Same configs, same type of switches, routers, etc, with a representation of all types of phones used in production. Then you bring in a test PRI line provisioned the same as production and hook it to the gateway. Yes the IP addresses and names will be different but that shouldn't cause an issue. You are testing for call flows and feature functionality only in the lab. Run your test script of all the known call flow types. Once you have verified everything is working properly, then you devise an upgrade plan for the production network and upgrade the network. Of course if it is a very large network then you would do it in parts preferably starting with the system that is not running your bosses phone :-)

fredrikhansson Thu, 06/26/2008 - 12:57
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I am a bit confused of the product portfolio "Hosted Unified Communication Services".

Please fill in:

Is this a verified version of CUCM + Certification Program and a Software portfolio (VisionOSS® BVSM) Adressing management, deployment and provisioning.

Or is this a different product line? (ex: CCME, CUCM BE, CUCM, CHUCS)

Best Regards!

We've CUCM 7.x  (1 PUB+ 2TFTP+4 SUBs) based Enterprise Centralized solution, having 2 Clustered over Wan (COW) sites (over private SDH network, will expand to 4 sites with 8 SUBs)  and more than 20 SRST sites (over SP MPLS)  within the same country designed and Provisioned as per Cisco SRST.

There is a discussion on migrating to Hosted UC solution, similiar to a service provider. This means only provisioning phones at the new  sites (> 300 users) connected to our Data-center by SP MPLS link. We're also using Unity Connection, UCCX and MPE applications.

My questions are:

1) Is it recommended to provision > 300 phones without any SRST solution ?

2) How can we migrate to Hosted UC solution and protect the investments made so far ?

3) Please provide me info/SRND on designing hosted UC solutions ?


Suhail Qadir

S/Network Engineer


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