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Jun 15th, 2008
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I have a think a very simple error. I got my SendToVRU Node working great and when I try to use an application on CVP it doesnt work. From a show voip application vmxl all I see this error.

006423: *Jun 16 06:12:25.321: //117//HIFS:/hifs_http_cb: hifs http callback: loa

d of failed. S

tatus=httpc error 404=http not found

The application is actually at I have set

user.microapp.media_server to


user.microapp.ToExtVXML[0] to "application=HelloWorld" where is it geting the en-us/app in the path to the VXML Browser? Can someone help me sort the right variable to set? Thanks!


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You need to set another ECC variable to push it up a level. Set "user.microapp.app_media_lib" to "..". This bypasses this ECC variable as well as the locale ECC variable, magically producing what you need.

See CVP 7.0 Guide page 152 and many more.

(PS: have you taken the CVP I course?)



Chad Stachowicz Mon, 06/16/2008 - 07:23
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I had tried it before with "..." and it didn't do what you said, however with "..". I get this ..

Loading fail with url (

I checked this path and don;t see a Server.vxml. I must be missing something very simple.

About the CVP 1 course, I wish that I had that option but self learning is what I have been diminished too, this seems to be the last thing before scripts are actually playing with correct CVP Call flow, after that I should be fine!

Few more debugs...

name=Server src:





path=/CVP/Server.vxml caching=invalid fetchhint=invalid fetchtimeout=-1 maxag

e=-1 maxstale=-1

008576: *Jun 16 14:59:38.859: vxml_param_proc: name=application expr='HelloWorld

' valuetype=115

008577: *Jun 16 14:59:38.863: //-1//VXML:/vxml_play_prompts: Enter

008578: *Jun 16 14:59:38.863: //-1//VXML:/vxml_play_prompts: Exit

008579: *Jun 16 14:59:38.863: //132/AC5FE99C802D/VXML:/vxml_vapp_bgload_from_pro



008580: *Jun 16 14:59:38.863: //132//AFW_:/vapp_bgload: url=



Chad Stachowicz Mon, 06/16/2008 - 10:41
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Thank so much! I finally heard a script in CVP play from correct call flow, and I don't think I've ever been so freaking happy! I am actually familiar with writing the scripts since I had CVP working with CVPSelfService.tcl / .vxml long ago, before I had a valid Call Server License!

Thanks for bearing with me and answering so many of my silly questions, this is a great community and some of us would be so in the dark without the support here! Hopefully soon I can get to a level, where I can start giving back!

Thanks again!!!



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