Error upgrading from Call Manager 5.04a to 6.01

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Hi All,

I am trying to upgrade a customer from 5.04a to 6.01. I am using the cd's that they received with the Product Upgrade Tool. cisco-ipt-k9-patch6.0.1.2000-3.tar.gz.sgn

During the install i get the following error and the install stops.

cm-dbl-install [1]|<LVL::Debug>

06/16/2008 11:42:11 CCMInstall|Internal Error, File:instMain.c:1345, Function: handlePhase(), Failed to exec command: "/partB/usr/local/bin/base_scripts/ nice -n 19 /usr/sbin/chroot /partB /usr/local/cm/script/ L2 PostInstall /usr/local/cm/ /partB/usr/local/cm/ /common/log/install/capture.txt"|<LVL::Critical>

06/16/2008 11:42:11|CCMInstall --upgrade ERROR|<LVL::Error>

06/16/2008 11:42:11|Applications upgrade failed|<LVL::Error>

We opened a TAC case and they suggested rebooting the server and trying again.

We rebooted and tried again with the same error.

Attached is the complete log.

Anyone else seen this?

I have this problem too.
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the SFTP errored out as well.

TAC says they think its a defect DVD and said to order a new one.

In order to not wait the 2 weeks, i thnk i will upgrade to 5.1(3) first then to 6.1 which i have cd's for.

however when i try to use the upgrade file for 5.1(3) the Call Manager cannot find it on the SFTP server.

I had this happen before but can't remember how to fix it, it was something with the way the file was named.

Anyone run into this?

a.buroni Mon, 01/11/2010 - 04:04


I am running the same issue, have you resolve it?


a.buroni Mon, 01/11/2010 - 06:23

I tried to upgrade to 5.1.1  ( cisco-ipt-k9-patch5.1.1.3000-5.tar.gz.sgn )

but I got the same error.

As you can find in the log installation failed upgrading db.

I tried a fresh install of 5.0.4 and than upgrade to  5.1.1 is ok
but if I do a fresh install ol 5.0.4 and then I restore customer data and then I try to upgrade to 5.1.1 or 6.0 it fails.

your last post jogged my memory

what we ended up doing to get the upgrade to work was this.

the customer awhile back had tried their hand at Extension mobility.  They didn't like it so they partially deleted things.  not clearing everything out.

after working with TAC we found out the upgrade did not like the partial configuration of device profiles in the system

so we deleted everything that they were not using and the upgrade went fine.


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