Directing PAT traffic from a 1720 over an L2L tunnel.

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Jun 18th, 2008

I'm at a loss on how to accomplish this task. I'm trying to setup an L2L tunnel where all of the traffic is translated through a single IP address. I was told that a 3020 concentrator could only do PAT on outbound traffic. Since the customer will only accept traffic from up to three IPs this is where I run into issues. I'm needing about ten machines on my LAN to traverse this tunnel. I was told that I could PAT the addresses before the concentrator and then do a static NAT on the concentrator and that would work. The only hardware I have available is a 1720 with one ethernet interface. This led me into NAT on a stick configurations and basically have been unable to get anything working. It seems like I'm making this harder than it ought to be, but in short I'm not making any progress.


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