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Jun 18th, 2008
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We have IPCCE 6.0 with CAD 6.0.

We are not using Outbound Option, but our agent just make outbound calls using Dialpad on their CAD agent software.

We have two types of agents, one that needs to dial 9 to get outside dialtone and the one that needs to dial 7 to get outside dialtone.

Looking at Cisco Desktop Administrator I see that Dialpad (dial strings) configuration is global in nature and I do not see how I can create different policies and apply them on different agents. CDA is configured to prepend 9 for outbound calls, which breaks outbound dialing for agents who need to dial 7....

There is also an option to check the "dial number as entered" checkbox on CAD Agent Dialpad which will overide CDA settings, but it is not convenient for agent to check this box each time they need to make PSTN call and they also need to dial the full number like 71408555....

Is there a way to create like two different Dialpad (dial string) policies one with 9 as outside prefix and one with 7?



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Riccardo Bua Wed, 06/18/2008 - 22:22
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Hi David,

any reason why you are not doing this with a Call Manager translation pattern associated to a cti route point? This should allow you also to implement some specific CSS treatment.

Something like calling 1000 you get 7 prepended and your dialed number.



dknov Thu, 06/19/2008 - 12:44
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When I use the dialpad (NOT the phone), I communicate through CTI to Call Manager to initiate a call. My signalling is coming through JTAPI link between eagpim and Call Manager. Where would you apply translation pattern in this setup?

My expectation is that CAD Server will manipulate the dialed string from the dialpad and send the proper string through JTAPI link to Call Manager to make the call.

Looking at CDA (version 6), I do not see any "profile" that can be created and applied to different agent, so it would seem it is all global and I cannot make distinction between what prefixes are added for which agent.

I would gladly jump on the workaround, but I do not see one yet :-(



I have a related question.

We are deploying a distributed system which will be deployed in multiple countries, so we don't want any of the North American formatting and do not want 9 or 1 prepended. Different countries require different escape codes and different long distance carrier codes - and of course, international dialing.

When I call a full 12 digit number and answer it (say 9 1 and my cell phone #), then CAD displays the number as 1.

I have played with the dial strings and cannot make it simply leave the formatting alone. CTIOS works perfectly, of course.

I sometimes hate the way CAD works. The word "International" does not seem to be in their lexicon.




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