pklos Thu, 06/19/2008 - 06:38
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URL for IP Phone Agent depends on IPCC, not on CCM version. So, it should be the same.




nagabhushanamj@... Wed, 08/27/2008 - 07:37
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Hi Jkunckle,

As per cisco doc, the URL for IP Phone agent is same for all ver.

Procedure represents the IP address of the machine where the Cisco Desktop Service is loaded and yyyy is 6293 for UCC Express and 8088 for UCC Enterprise.

When an IP Phone agent chooses this service, CallManager provides a prompt for the agent ID, password, and extension. Add an additional IP Phone Service just for one button login with a slightly different URL ( and add parameters for the ID, password, and extension in order to implement this procedure. You want two IP Phone Services set up so if an agent has a problem using the one button login service (i.e. because the password was changed), the agent still has the regular IP Phone Agent service to use. Note that one button login service should only be used for initial login. Once the agent is on non-IP Phone Agent screen, the regular IP Phone Agent service should be used to get back to the Skill Statistics screen and other IP Phone Agent screens. When the IP Phone Service is added to each agent phone, specify the values of these parameters. The procedure in this section assumes that you are creating the additional one button login IP Phone Agent IP Phone Service from the start. If the one button login IP Phone Agent Service is already created, skip to step 12.

Also check the below link for more info.

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We want to use the IP Phone Agent service to display Skill stats on the agents' phones and not necessarily to login; sort of like a in-phone-wallboard.

I'm looking for documentation that would show installation/configuration guide for that service. I found the IP Phone Agent User Guide for 6.0 (your link) but that doesn't tell me anything.

I want to know where it reads the real time data from?, how often? where to download the asp or jsp files? etc... the nuts and bolts of it.

Thank you


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