Passed CCNA !!!

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Jun 19th, 2008
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Hi All!

I have just passed the CCNA 640-802 today! scored 841!!! I am just glad to get it out of the way! (that was my third attempt! 3rd time lucky eh!) I am so exhausted! but relived with feelings of self fulfillment after 3 months of hard work and self study plus a cash investment of over 500 pounds (I live in the UK). Im so happy to be part of this forum! i have been longing to be part of this forum for a long time! and I must say I really learnt alot from reading post on this forum, it help motivate me while I was preparing for my CCNA, some times when im down I just read post from guys to get me motivated!

The journey begins here for me now!! so I am looking forward to hearing from any 1 out there regarding the next step, so far I am looking to take on BSCI, I have already printed of the exam topics from Cisco's web. Any suggestion as to which is the best study guide to use? I am planning on continuing on using Cisco press and sybex but im open to suggestions.



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goodnightjones Sun, 06/22/2008 - 01:47
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Well done! 3 months is pretty quick too! What books did you use? Id go for BSCI, having looked at the syllabus it really looks useful skills to have in my job.

rahmanya17 Mon, 06/23/2008 - 12:22
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A combination of books to be honest! 1st I used the Cisco press Cisco Networking Academy companion guide 1&2 then I finished the Whole of the Sybex CCNA study Guide 6th edition by Todd Lammle (That's my favourite! I love the way he writes!) then I also use sthe study material from Bryantadvantage! (I enjoyed the way he tackled NAT and ACLs! good stuff!

rahmanya17 Mon, 06/23/2008 - 12:27
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Hey! thanks!

looks like i am going to check the book out!

sirdudesly Sun, 06/22/2008 - 16:26
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I've got the cisco self study BCSI book and it seems pretty good, make sure you use it in combination with something like the lab book. That's an excellent resource, somethings have extra "challanges" that you can do if you're unsure with a technology. Hopefully your selfstudy lab (if you used one) can still be used for the majority of excercises (some of the CCNP material seems to be written with the idea that everybody has millions of dollars worth of equipment lying around and that nobody would mind you testing your stuff on it...)

Also check out the GNS3 project (don't bother running it under windows it's pretty rubbish, use the linux version) so you can emulate IOS for the labs that aren't supported on your home gear.

steven2000 Mon, 06/23/2008 - 03:12
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Congrats Rah

The journey has just started. You will enjoy this trip to the end despite the ups and down along the way. Come run or sunshine, take the exams head on. its good that you never gave up after failing your 1st and 2nd attempts, thats a sign of a true networker, NEVER GIVING UP!!!

I'm studying for my CCNP cert, passed my BSCI and now am studying for my ISCW.

when I startd I used the Jeff Doyle's "Routing TCP/IP vol 1. and vol 2 then I used the Study guides and CBT nuggats. The Doyle's books are well detailed and good for learning the technology, I used the other books to prepare the for the exams as they are more tailored for exams only as compared to the Doyle series.

rahmanya17 Mon, 06/23/2008 - 12:09
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Hi Steven,

Thanks for your reply! it was really nice to hear your words on encouragement! and congrat on your BSCI, that is my next target but at the moment I am in search of a new challenge job wise! I am looking for a new position as a network Engineer, something more in the area where I can apply my Networking skills in detail while also learning from the job to prepare for my CCNP. I am currently working as a 1st line Desktop support (it's getting boring now that I have CCNA! ) I want more challenges!

rahmanya17 Mon, 06/23/2008 - 12:36
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Hi Sirdudesly!

thanks for your post! I have a mind map of how I want to achieve my CCNP and I must tell you GNS3 from Dynamips is on my list! but i know that I will be facing some potential problems using it with windows! What's your take on Using it with Ubuntu linux? I read on some post a while a go this guy that used it to get his CCIE.

sdr577sdr577 Mon, 06/23/2008 - 16:59
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Congrats...Any other material or books useful in preparing for the exam.


rahmanya17 Tue, 06/24/2008 - 16:34
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It depends on what materials you have at the mo! I will suggest the Cisco press and The Bryant advantage study guide and interactive test engine is also good!

You have to have your work cut out tho! time is always your enemy in that exam! The first time I took the exam I couldn't finish, the second time I was under preasure that I may not finish b4 the time runs out so I was answering the questions in a hurry! I ended up with 735, the third time! I was more composed and I really read the sybex book very well and Bryant's study guide! they were really helpful




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