webstd.design Mon, 06/23/2008 - 05:53
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As I understood, RONA isn't the type of desirable solution. How Can I select the needed information for calling numbers during "NO AGENTS AVAILABLE"?????

Nipponia4 Wed, 07/02/2008 - 12:51
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on ICM 6.x / 7.x

1- Admin Workstation

Open a new CallType 'AgentLoggedOut'

2 - Script Editor

Before you Route to the SkillGroup, use an If-Node, where you check SkillGroup.

3a - If Agents Logged On =0 the set the CallType- Node 'AgentLoggedOut'

3b - If one or more agents are logged on, you set the CallType of your group, you count the performance and service Level , an route the call to SkillGroup.

We usually set a 'Starting' CallType, which is associated with the DialedNumber, the n we use different CallType's for the 'out of open hours' 'holidays' 'agents logged out' and before we route to the SkillGroup we set the final CallType.

Hope it helps


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