VG224 trunk to switch

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Jun 24th, 2008
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We have a VG224 setup that is connected to our CORE routers (2 seperate uplinks) that are doing BVI's for data and one for voice. Really the only function that it plays in our netowrk is to turn on/off "inbound modem access" to some mainframe/SAN devices for remote support dialing in on the modem line. The links are set up as dot1.q on the core side and under sub-interfaces on the VG224 side. My question is - I'm thinking the trunking on the VG224 side is negotiated when the "brige-group" command is configured. I only see a mention of trunking when doing "sh vlans" on the VG and no other command related to trunking. I'm trying to find where trunking is taking place on the VG?

We had an incident last week where an uplink to an access switch was removed and sent our network into a tailspin and we're trying to figure out why our VG224 was broadcasting the MAC of one of our cores and created high-utili on the mgmt vlan. When I turned down the links from the core-->VG224 the network stabilized.

Any help is appreciated.

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