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Jun 25th, 2008
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Currently we have a contact center running in 1 of the site on IPCC Enterprise 6.0. The system setup is as follow:

- 1 X CCM Publisher

- 3 X CCM Subscribers

- 2 X IP IVRs

- 1 X ICM Rogger (A)

- 2 X PG (A & B)

- 1 X AWS

We are going to setup another DR site in another location with the following setup:

- 1 X CCM Subscriber

- 1 X IP IVR

- 1 X ICM Rogger (B)

- 2 X PG (A & B - separate PG pair from the side A)

- 1 X AWS

The ICM for both sides are 1 entity, it is just that the PGs & Rogger in side A are referenced to each other. Same as for side B. We are able to set it up and the processes are running fine. However, we are facing some issues for the call routing. Currently, There are already some skill groups, agents and services configured for ICM side A. All the CTIOS Agent Desktops are pointing to the PG pair in side A.

Since we are setting up the DR site with another pair of PG, the CTIOS Agent Desktops in DR site are referencing to PG pair on side B. The problem is, the Agents and Skill Groups were created under a specific CM PIM (CM PG 1). So does that mean we got to duplicate another similar set of existing Skill Group & Agent ICM config for CM PIM in DR site (CM PG 2)? As I have tried logging into the existing skill group using the existing Agent ID on the CTIOS Agent Desktop in DR site, the system disallowed me to login, as the existing Agents and Skill Groups are under CM PG 1.

I would appreciate any workaround or solution, as the bottom line is we do not want to duplicate another set of Agents or Skill Groups under the new CM PIM. We are trying to minimize additional administration effort. Thanks.



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gpulos Wed, 06/25/2008 - 02:51
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If you want both sites to utilize the same PGs, Roggers, etc. then perhaps moving one of the PGs to the DR site and installing a Rogger at the DR site that connects to the existing PGs.

This would provide the rogger redundancy as well as PG redundancy while offering the same call center capabilities for all agents.

You could also utilize an AW/HDS at the DR site as your secondary distributor.

Your Primary site would have:

1x CCM publisher

1x (+) CCM subscriber


1x ICM Rogger A

1x PG A

1x AW

Your DR site would have:

1x (+) CCM subscriber


1x ICM Rogger B

1x PG B


This allows for redundancy of every component between the primary site and DR site using the same call center configs for all agents & sites.

Please see the following link for more info on IPCC 6 Ent. planning & installs:

eric.neoh Wed, 06/25/2008 - 07:08
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Hi, gpulos.

Hope you don't mind if I address you in this way as you have not mentioned your name in your post. Thanks for your opinion. I do agree with what you have proposed. However, the customer has bought 2 PG pairs in this case. That means PG pair in primary site will be the redundant pair by themselve, and the PG pair in DR site will be another redundant pair..

That's why we are facing the mentioned issue. Appreciate your comment and any advice again.

Thanks & Regards,


I don't think you have other options, skills/agents are defined by peripheral in ICM, obviously in your setup, sideA and sideB are different peripherals per ICM perspective. To change this is not that hard, just need re-configure both pairs of PG's, ICM configurations stay the same.


>You could also utilize an AW/HDS at the DR site as your secondary distributor.

If it's really set as the secondary distributor for a SITE which has the other AW/HDS as the primary, then it cannot be an HDS.

You can have the two completely independent as AW/HDS, but then AW clients cannot have a primary and a secondary.

You have to choose between these two setups.



Riccardo Bua Wed, 06/25/2008 - 09:59
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Hi Eric,

if you want to do just DR, you might consider create another application and JTAPI user for side B and have the agent provisioned with a different login for the other site, it will be a duplicate effort but it should do.




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