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Jun 26th, 2008


CCM 5.1.3. I am trying to configure CAC between a main site and its remote branch. I have configured my regions to use use G.729 between sites. I have configured locations for both sites, for a bandwidth of 512k. Where do I implement the locations? I know the phones have that option. Do both sites need there distinct locations? If so, how will this setting affect calls within the main site and the remote site? If this setting is selected on the phones, will this phones only have the capability of making calls up to 512k within it site? thanks guys.

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Chris Deren Thu, 06/26/2008 - 11:57

In CM 5.1 you assign the locations to the phones/GW/etc. Your hub location should always be configured with unlimited bandwith (use the default hub_none location), and the remote location are configured with apprporiate bandwidth based on your WAN LLQ configuration, keep in mind that CM calcuates G729 call as 24 kbps, so if you have allocated 512 kbps in priority class on your WAN link, this will yield 512/(28 kbps is real bandwidth over MPLS) = 18 calls, hence your Location for this site should be 18*24=432.

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Bobby Villegas Thu, 06/26/2008 - 12:26

My remote site has about 60 ip sets. I have a ppp link that is getting congested. I have configured a policy map to prioritize 512k for voip calls. When I configure my remote phones to the desired locations 512 or 432, will this setting affect how many calls each phone can make within its branch. Given the congested scenario, traffic leaving from the main site to the remote site--do I implement a location there on those phones? Thanks for your help Chris.

Chris Deren Thu, 06/26/2008 - 13:43

It will affect how many calls can be made to/from this site, in this example 18. 19th call will fail unless you have AAR configured and then the call will be re-routed via PSTN. As I explained earlier the LLQ priority is not exactly the same as Location bandwidth as CM calculates badwidth without taking the overhead into account, hence 24 kbps instead of ~28. Configure your Location with 432 if your LLQ is configured with 512.

You will have to configure this location on all the phones, GWs at the remote location, the phones at the hub location should use the default hub_none location.




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