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Jun 27th, 2008

I've been in IT for several years and want to get my CCNA. (Don't have any Cisco experience, although I do have an MCSE)

Has anyone used a CCNA Boot Camp and what was your experience?

Who did you use

Was it worth the high cost?

Is it crazy to try and become a CCNA in 1 week?

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Hi Hernando

I have not used the CCNA boot camp personally, but I know a few people who have and they said it was quite intense. They had 5 10 hour plus days and some felt like their head was about to explode at the end of it :) I think they went to Global Knowledge for the boot camp.

"Was it worth the high cost?"

Well our employer paid for it, so they had nothing to loose.

"It is crazy to try to become a CCNA in 1 week?"

That all depends on your level of experience with the topics covered in the CCNA curriculum. If you have a good level of experience with the topics covered and only require to pick up the Cisco implementation methids, then I think it might be feasible.

However if you are a little sketchy on the subjects, then you may well be able to fill your short term memory with enough facts to pass the exam similar to cramming in college. But how much of this information will you have retained in 12 months? In this case it might be more advisable to attend a Cisco academy class. Or you could go the self study route if you have the time and discipline to self study and then take the boot camp when you feel you are ready for the exam when it may be more beneficial to you.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Best Regards,


littlecisco Thu, 10/07/2010 - 13:41

I went to CED in Atlanta for Boot Camp and

was very satisfied.  As long as you know what you are getting into it will be a good experieince

.  I learned information which I hadnt presently known along with refreshing items that I already knew.


rambo318 Sun, 08/28/2016 - 13:33

I have some formal IT training and hands on experience.

I have the following 3 IT certs: A, Network and Security+.

I have taken 2 Cisco classes in past.

I would like to take a bootcamp,  Fine with taking more than 1 test attempt.

I am considering the following providers.

1) Ced Solutions-Ga or Fla

2) Unitek-Ca

3) TrainingCamp-Pa

4) TrainAce-MD, Va

Any feedback or advice would be great.



rambo318 Sun, 08/28/2016 - 13:37

You can find some providers flexible for price.

I attended 1 boot camp and did not like.

I was fortunate not to have paid any costs.

You have to be very careful and do your due diligence.

They all tell you how great they are.

I am now considering giving it another try.

I am fine with more than 1 exam attempt.

Hope this helps someone.



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