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Jun 28th, 2008
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Our outbound managers are having a problem with their agents allowing reservation calls to roll to the next agent. I watched the agteam20: Agent Team Real Time report in Webview for 30 minutes yesterday and saw five of the agents roll one call after another. I am unable to locate a canned Webview report to identify how many calls per day or half hour these agents are letting the reservation timeout on. Does anyone know of a canned report or a counter in the ICM database that we can build a custom report with to show us this data?

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When I implemented this I did not remember a timer that allowed the reservation call to "roll to the next agent" - but there could easily be one. Normally the agents press "Accept" - but an agent can also "Cancel" or "Skip". If that is what's going on, remove these buttons.

If there is a timer, try to find it and make it really long - a couple of hours.



jasonkelley Sat, 07/12/2008 - 15:19
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Thanks for the reply Geoff. We are trying to give the agents a minute or so to read over any notes on the customers file before calling. We don't want to give them too much time though. The default timer was 5 minutes and some agents were waiting 5 minutes between every call. We reduced it to 90 seconds before timing out. This increased the calls per hour by forcing the agents to press accept sooner. The problem now is that several agents are letting the calls timeout. Sometimes 5-6 in a row. I have found that this information is viewable in webview as skip/rejects. The only problem now is that it doesn't separate these rolled calls from legitimate skip/rejects.

I now understand - but when you say "default timer" I am confused. The FAQ in the 7.0 Outbound User Guide (page A-35) says:

"What happens if an agent does not accept or refuse a contact during a certain time period while in Preview mode? There is no timeout period implemented for this situation. The Outbound Option Dialer continues to wait for the agent to respond; however, a timeout can be implemented in the agent's desktop, if desired."

Have you implemented this at the agent desktop? Does your timer effectively press the "Skip" button? If so, you do have a problem.

The CallResult Field in the DialingList table will be (assuming ICM 7) "eCR_AGENT_REJECTED = 18: Agent has skipped or rejected a preview call". That's probably what WebView sees.

Is it legitimate for the agents to Skip/Reject? If not, perhaps remove these buttons?




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