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Jun 29th, 2008

I have the Cisco Press ICND1 and ICND2 books, which include a practice exam engine from When going through the practice exam a lot of the questions are long and detailed.

I also have the CCNA Practice Questions Exam Cram book by Jeremy Cioara ( ). When going through the practice exam from this book the questions are much more direct, read faster, and are generally easier.

Of course both of these are meant to prep you for the CCNA exam, but I find the Cisco Press practice exam significantly more challenging than Cioara's.

Has anyone used either of these for study and can compare them to the 640-802? Which one is closer to the actual exam environment? Maybe there is another practice exam I should be looking into? Thanks.

I have this problem too.
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wannabccna Sun, 06/29/2008 - 16:52

Hi there,

I took the CCENT today. Read my post which was posted after yours. The test really isn't that hard. I will say I have the Cisco Press books you have and ready the first one one and a half times. I also bought the Sybex CCENT Study Guide by Todd Lammle and it is a GREAT book and really helps for the exam. Cisco and Sybex are to me a real good book toward the exam.

I haven't got any books from Jeremy Ciora although I have seen his CBTNugget videos and they are great too.

The Sybex book review questions really help with the exam.

Good Luck

jlhainy Sun, 06/29/2008 - 17:02

Practice exams are tricky because there are many that are actually just brain dumps and are illeagal to use. If Cisco knew you used them, they could & should strip you of any certification.

With that said, you can go to and see a list of legit and non-legit practice tests.

I will usually use two different practice tests. The first being the cisco press CD, because the questions are indeed more challenging and because those type of questions help me to apply networking knowledge, not just memorize a question. Then I will use a legit PTP on

I then compare the two and see if the areas I need to work on match. Usually that is the case and then I hit that area of study harder. If you use the CCNA prep center, Cisco will have some questions there you can use as well.

A word of caution about practice tests. Do not trust them as an authoritative source! I have had several times where I answered a question and the practice test marked me as wrong, when in fact I was right! Do your research and testing and prove the test wrong. I have done that and found errors in just about every practice test I have ever used, including the Cisco Press CD's. Although it is annoying, it is actually a great study tool. When you are right and the practice test is wrong, it shows that you do know your stuff.

mlaforest Sun, 06/29/2008 - 17:20

Sounds like I should spend more time with the Cisco Press CD then, thanks.

Just to clearify, I'm looking for which is closer to the exam 'feel' (if that's the right word) and not really 'what questions are on it'. The two different practice tests I referred to seem drastically different in 'feel' -- one being brief and to the point and the other being very detailed with a disproportional amount of scenarios.

I'll take a look at too, thanks again.

jaredclorfeine Mon, 07/28/2008 - 14:38

Bump since I've got the same questions as the original poster - I've been studying the cisco press book (just ICND1), and I think I know the material pretty well (for example, the questions at the beginning of the chapters). Have also studied some materials provided by my company, and have done well on those tests.

Then I took the Boson practice test and was like WTF? I think it has 161 questions, gives you 90 minutes to answer them, and were generally much more involved and difficult that what I'd seen before. So I too, am wondering, about the accuracy of that test.

mlaforest Mon, 07/28/2008 - 15:01

Hi Jared, I recently took the CCNA exam so I have an answer to my original question.

Jeremy's book has questions that are similar to the CCNA in terms of feel. There were a good bit of questions that were like his book (this isn't saying they are the same questions) -- quick questions that are just designed to make sure you know some fundamental facts.

Other questions are more in depth and will present you with a small scenario then ask you questions about them. Jeremy's book didn't really have any of these, but the Cisco Press CD does. I think the Boson exam from the Cisco Press book is a good resource to practice with, but the exam isn't going to be like that from start to finish, so don't worry that it's taking you way longer to finish those practice questions than it should be.

I can't speak for the ICND1 exam, but I assume it is similar content-wise to the CCNA 640-802.

Hope this helps.


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