Configuring SNMP for CVP Ops Console

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Jun 30th, 2008
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I need to configure all my UCCE nodes for SNMP so that I can monitor application traps and also hardware traps. I've configured all the CVP nodes using Ops Console.

However, how do I configure the actual Ops Console box itself to send SNMP traps? I need this so that I can see any hardware errors on the machine. The Windows SNMP service is disabled and the Cisco SNMP Management service is running. I can't configure it within the Ops Console webpage as there's no Type of machine for Ops Console.


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Martin Connolly Mon, 06/30/2008 - 05:09
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Hi Riccardo,

Yeah, this just says how to configure the CVP nodes to send SNMP traps using the Ops Console. However, you don't actually list the Ops Console box itself on the webpage, there's no listing for that type of box, as it's not really a CVP node, it's more like a Support Tools box.

I haven't been able to find anything about enabling SNMP for the actual Ops Console machine itself. I know it doesn't send any application traps, but i just need to enable it for SNMP so that if there's any hardware failures we get the traps.

I've been thinking of just re-enabling the Windows SNMP service and configuring that, because as far as I can see there's no other service on there to send traps.

Any ideas?



Riccardo Bua Mon, 06/30/2008 - 05:14
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Hi Martin,

why not enabling a HW monitoring agent like HP insight manager on the MCS boxes or any equivalent from IBM depending on the HW you use.

There is option to actually enable the server status that I know of.



You don't want to enable the Windows SNMP service - stay with the Cisco CVP SNMP service.

I would not be surprised that if you edit CVP\conf\snmpd.cnf you can configure the trap destination. I reckon if you copy SNMPD.CNF from one of your CVP Call Server boxes where you have configured SNMP and place this on the Ops Console it will do what you want.

Give it a shot.



Correct Answer

I just did that. I stopped the Cisco CVP SNMP Service, copied the SNMPD.CNF from a Call Server to the Ops Console box, and started my Trap Receiver. Then I started the Cisco CVP SNMP Service and I got a coldStart, a specific Cisco trap (CVP_SNMP_STARTED) and a linkUp trap. Looks good to me.



Martin Connolly Tue, 07/01/2008 - 00:46
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Hi Geoff,

Yes, this worked fine. Though I couldn't find the snmpd.cnf file on any of the call servers. So I copied it from an ICM node and then amended values.




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