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Hello guys,

I have a PIX 501 that 15 laptops are connected to (Internal interface). All laptops are going to a client's site over VPN and Internet. I have to block internet only on several machines (they dont need it, the rest needs it). I cannot block by IP because they are dynamically assigned and I can block a person that need Internet. I cannot block by MAC because there is no option in 501 to block MAC addresses. On the LAN sit only the laptops and the PIX internal interface. How about the idea to separate the LAN IP address range like this:

Instead of using /24 I can divide it on 2x/25. I can hard code the laptops that need interface with static IP/s, then I can edit the DHCP scope on the PIX to exclude the IP range assigned statically and finally block the Internet for DHCP IP addresses. For example if I have I can divide it on and If I use addresses from the first subnet I can block Internet for second one and vice versa.

Do you have an idea??

Thank you in advance,


I have this problem too.
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