kirankumar.chamakura Wed, 07/02/2008 - 03:17

1)Reduce the brodcast in our Local LAN by using VLAN.

2)Proposed network 2 ISP connected to Layer3 Device with VLAN's Configured on each interface and each VLAN port of Layer 3 Device is connected with Unmanaged D-Link Switches


It seems all of your interfaces facing to the LAN and Internet will be Ethernet. How many interface do you need exactly on the device?

Do you expect other interfaces like serial, ISDN, Wireless etc. in the future?

Do you want to run any routing protocol with your ISPs?

Do you plan to implement QoS?

Do you plan to implement IPSec, SSL VPN?


kirankumar.chamakura Wed, 07/02/2008 - 03:29


1) 24 or 48 Ethernet Ports to Configure as VLAN's.

2)4 Serial,2 ISDN,2 Wirless.

3) yes

4) YES Qos

5)VPN and IPSec and SSL


Well, I'm afraid you cannot accomodate all this features on one box or if so that would be very expensive.

For the point 1 you can put a simple layer2 switch (if no layer3 required just vlans)

For point 2 and 3 you can use a modular router like 1800 or 2800 series (the later can be better).

For point 4 the question is whether you want to implement QoS on the egress interfaces facing to your ISPs or on the switches too.

Point 5. The 2800 series is capable for IPSec and SSL VPN too the question is only about the performance. If you need anyway FW to protect your network (I strongly recommend) you can use Cisco ASA.

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