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Jul 6th, 2008
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hi all,

Can someone advise me on whether or not this is a good deal/equipment for CCNA home lab? Thx

much appreciated

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Hi There

In my opinion (and this is just MY opinion) I would say no, this is not the best deal or the best equipment if you are thinking of putting together a home lab. However I will say that it is better than nothing at all or simulator software.

For me I think the main problem is the switches. This advert lists 2900Xl switches, where the current CCNA apprears to be based on the 2950/2960 models. You may well find that some of the commands are slightly different between these two models or that the 2900XL models do not cover the entire CCNA cirriculm.

I would also personally look for all your routers to have Fast Ethernet interfaces so that you can work with trunking & router on a stick etc. Also a Cisco 2520 as a Frame Relay switch would be really great also.

I think you could find much better value looking around Ebay and maybe picking up your equipment individually piece by piece. I know that it is "Handy" getting it all together, but often these packages do not have the best equipment for the level that they are advertised for.

For an excellent blog article on putting together a home lab for CCNA, have a look at Wendell Odom's blog. He bloged a short while ago about what is required for a CCNA lab and his articles are really informative. His blog can be found here


Best Regards,


ciscoskeemz Mon, 07/07/2008 - 06:51
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thank you! I will check that out.

I thought about routersim product as the simulator not a good idea? It seems like a good product, but what do i know haha

Hi There

When I was studying for my CCNA and before I discovered the fun to be had building a home lab :) I tried a number of different simulator products and though they are better than nothing at all, they are IMHO pretty limited to what they can do.

They don't have a full set of commands. Some of the commands give incorrect printouts. I found quite a few bugs in each of them which only caused frustration. In the end with the money I wasted on the different simulator products, I could have put quite a good home lab together. Finally I discovered Ebay and ran amok :)

If you have access to Cisco IOS software then check out Dynamips/GNS3. This product emulates Cisco Router hardware and allows you to run REAL IOS on you PC. The draw back is that it does not emulate the Catalyst Switches, and you need a pretty decent PC/Laptop to run it on. But this is almost as good as the real thing.

Best Regards,



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