Problem with Access server 2511

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Jul 6th, 2008

Hello All,

May i kindly seek an urgent assistance to curb the perpetual disruption of my Access server which hangs from time to time with the following outputs?.


Trying R2 (, 2002)... Open

[timed out]

Loading cisconet.cfg ... [timed out]

Loading access-server-confg .

From this level of the operation there is absolutely nothing i could do to continue the lab. To this end i have even written "no ip domain-lookup" to the console of the server yet to no avail.

Please somebody help me out or should i assumed the Access server is no longer useable?

Thanking you All in advance

I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Edison Ortiz about 8 years 3 months ago

no service-config should fix your problem

However, you should only see that during a router booting, therefore your router seems to be rebooting on its own.




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newnetman Sun, 07/06/2008 - 15:50


I'm most grateful for your prompt response to resolve my concern. Unfortunately after the instructed command was inputted the system still hangs, though not with the former error messages but yet hangs.

Access-Server(config)#no service config

Access-Server#copy run start

Building configuration...



Trying R1 (, 2001)... Open

I am really sick and tired of this ASr, frustrating my efforts.

Any further help at this junction?.


Richard Burts Sun, 07/06/2008 - 16:07

Apparently your post included two issues. Edison correctly supplied the solution for one of them:

Loading cisconet.cfg ... [timed out]

Loading access-server-confg .

with the command no service config.

But that appears not to be the issue that you are the most concerned about. The other issue appears to be that attempts to reverse telnet are not completing (at least to some hosts).

Let me begin by asking for some clarifications:

- is this an implementation that used to work and stopped working? or is this a new implementation and has never worked as expected?

- is this issue just for some hosts or is it for all hosts?

If this used to work and has stopped working, then my first guess is that there are existing sessions to these hosts that were not properly disconnected. In that case go into privilege mode and issue the command clear line 1 (and answer any prompts) and then try your reverse telnet to r1. (or clear line 2 and then try reverse telnet to r2).

If this is a new implementation then my first guess is that the cables are not connected as you expect. Check the cables and verify that cable 1 (in the first async interface) is really connected to r1.

Please supply the clarifications that I requested and whether my suggestions have improved anything.



newnetman Sun, 07/06/2008 - 16:46


You are absolutely correct, in the course of my troubleshooting i removed the cables to R1 and R2 without replacing and yet telnetting to them unknowingly. Anyway all is now well and dancing.

I'm so glad and proud to know you guys even though is virtually, especially you (Rick) you are a true master with your relentless efforts to see others succeed.



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