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Jul 7th, 2008


I am getting below error message on my log console, not sure why this error msg is throwing by my one of the core switch.

"Jul 7 09:07:09.559 UTC: %OSPF-4-FLOOD_WAR: Process 100 re-originates LSA ID x..x.x.x type-2 adv-rtr x.x.x.x in area"

Please throw some ligths on this issue to find out what could be the cause.

Many thanks in advance.



I have this problem too.
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Kevin Dorrell Mon, 07/07/2008 - 02:19

I suspect something is not right with your DR and BDR election on the VLAN in question. Do you have two routers on that VLAN that both believe they are the DR, by any chance.

Check your neighbor relationships.

Kevin Dorrell


mohammedmahmoud Mon, 07/07/2008 - 03:12


If i remember correctly, this means that there are duplicate RID within your network, let me double check.


Mohammed Mahmoud.

mohammedmahmoud Mon, 07/07/2008 - 03:58


Well, after double checking, this means that there are duplicate addresses withing your network:

Q. What does the error message %OSPF-4-FLOOD_WAR: Process process-id re-originates LSA ID ip address type-2 adv-rtr ip address in area area id means?

A. The error message is due to the some router that is flushing the network LSA because the network LSA received by the router whose LSA ID conflicts with the IP address of one of the router's interfaces and flushes the LSA out of the network. For OSPF to function correctly the IP addresses of transit networks must be unique. If it is not unique the conflicting routers reports this error message. In the error message the router with the OSPF router ID reported as adv-rtr reports this message.



Mohammed Mahmoud.


I found bug CSCsl84712

Error- %OSPF-4-FLOOD_WAR: Process 123 re-originates LSA ID



If numbered link flaps heavily in one area, error message

%OSPF-4-FLOOD_WAR may be generated for type-3 LSA which

propagates this subnet to other areas.

Error message is not meant to notify about this type of problem,

but theres no further issue associated with printing of this message.

In fact it points out valid problem.


Flapping link.




What version I must install to fix this bug? Is it fixed in 12.4(19b)?


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