Reverting Unity 4.0(5) to non-Unified

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Jul 9th, 2008
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We currently have Unity 4.0(5) UM connecting to a single separate Exchange 2003 server (sp1). We're having hardware faults with our exchange box and need to migrate to a new server before complete failure.

We're installing a new Exchange 2007 w/ SP1 and will be migrating all of our mailboxes there.

When we have time we want to upgrade our Unity to 5.0 and use it for unified messaging with the new exchange server, but right now it's slowing our recovery.

Can we quickly revert our current Unity setup so that it is standalone? It's OK for our users to get new messages by phone only. I assume old messages will remain in Exchange and may not be accessible by phone?

Will these actions make it harder to re-unify later?

We're a small non-profit with 50 employees, no lab and no extra hardware. This seems like the safest approach to me, but I'm far for certain. All advice welcome.



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vhilario Wed, 07/09/2008 - 14:42
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You can use the uninstall tool from

With that tool you uninstall the unity software and then you can reinstall it as Voicemail Only.

You will need to do a backup of your unity server, and when reinstalling unity as voicemail only do the restore.

When running DIRT that is the tool to backup the server there's an option that says "Include Subscriber Messages" Option.

If youve selected to backup subscriber messages for your Exchange based system, you need much more space reserved and its difficult to estimate how much you will need

You need to be aware that when doing the restore your unity has the same version, meaning 4.0.5 with the ES's that you have installed.

vhilario Wed, 07/09/2008 - 16:27
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As per what I've read previously you are installing a new Exchange 2007 right?

Instead of uninstalling, reinstalling I will say upgrade into 5.0(1) will be the best option, because if you uninstall the unity 4.0(5)and convert it to Voicemail Only, and when you have your exchange 2007 up and running you will need to do the same procedure as before to convert it as Unified Messaging, so we can say that the recommendation here, it's to upgrade to 5 if you already have Exchange 2007 up and running.

You will need to open a TAC case with licensing team, in order to ask for the license upgrade file.

You can find the upgrade dvd's here in cisco.

Regarding the links, No, just follow all the steps that are in there and that should be it.


karimvirani Wed, 07/09/2008 - 18:30
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Thanks we'll try the upgrade - printing the upgrade guide and downloading the software now.

vhilario Thu, 07/10/2008 - 12:19
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ok let me know how everything goes.

I will appreciate if you rate my comments

karimvirani Thu, 07/10/2008 - 12:43
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We don't have VPIM. At least that's what I infer since it isn't in our current license and I would expect to see a connector on exchange?

Anyhow, can we configure VPIM during the upgrade, or do we have to do it on the old version first?

karimvirani Thu, 07/10/2008 - 17:56
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My bad. I miss-understood the term SMTP Networking in this context. I thought it was just referring to the communications between our single unity box and our single exchange server where the mailboxes are kept. I now understand that it's about foreign vmail systems and not relevant to us. We will proceed with the install.

karimvirani Fri, 07/11/2008 - 14:49
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I'm having trouble locating the Exchange 2003 Admin Tools installation. The documentation describes the CD:

"Cisco Unity Message Store 2003 disc"

But I can't find this disc for download. Can I use our Microsoft Exchange 2003 media instead to install the Admin Tools?

vhilario Fri, 07/11/2008 - 14:53
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Exchange 2003 is not a cisco product but you can use any exchange 2003 disc to install the admin tools

vhilario Fri, 07/11/2008 - 15:07
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Hi, it does accompish the same thing. So go ahead and use your own MS disc


If this helps pls rate

karimvirani Fri, 07/11/2008 - 20:57
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This all worked - the Unity upgrade seems to have completed OK and permissions are setup for both the old and new exchange servers.

I did run into an issue the cuspa vb script breaking but found the solution here:

Now the only thing I don't see in the whole setup guide is anything about moving mailboxes from one exchange server to another. Is Unity 5 smart enough to detect that the mailbox has moved - or does it not care as long as it's partner server can find the mailboxes?




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