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Jul 11th, 2008


I am configuring an FTP SSL connection in the CSS. I have set the ssl-server and applied the ssl-proxy-list to the service and the services to the content. It is not running so, I don't know if a priory I have missed something because I have got a https ssl connection and it is working cool. If I try to connect to the ftp server without apply the ssl and through the CSS it works fine. Any idea to check??... thanks a lot.

ssl-proxy-list SSL-BCN

ssl-server 20

ssl-server 20 cacert INTRANET

ssl-server 20 rsacert INTRANET

ssl-server 20 rsakey INTRANET

ssl-server 20 vip address

ssl-server 20 port 990

ssl-server 20 cipher rsa-with-3des-ede-cbc-sha 21


service sftp

ip address

protocol tcp

keepalive port 21

keepalive type tcp

port 21

redundant-index 18


service ssl-intranet

type ssl-accel

add ssl-proxy-list SSL-BCN

keepalive type none

slot 3


owner Varios

content ftp

vip address

protocol tcp

port 21

add service sftp

add dns ftp

application ftp-control


content sftp

vip address

add service ssl-intranet

application ssl

add dns sftp

port 990

protocol tcp


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Gilles Dufour Tue, 07/15/2008 - 03:24

FTPS is not exactly SSL.

It starts as a normal FTP session and after negotiating SSL it switches to SSL.

Our SSL decode expects SSL from the first packet.

So, you can't use it for FTPS.



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