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Jul 12th, 2008

If Switches without username and password, we cannot telnet in.

But what if Acess Point without one, are we able to telnet in?

I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Scott Fella about 8 years 4 months ago

1) Yes you will

2) You need login local

3) Yes with (bbb)

4) No... you either have a password or use login local.

Here is a link that will help you better understand.

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Scott Fella Sun, 07/13/2008 - 08:36

For autonomous ap's you need to supply a local login or vty password. If you have a WLC and LAP's you can telnet to the WLC if you have that enabled, but you can't telnet to the LAP.

kian_hong2000 Mon, 07/14/2008 - 07:07

I have some other questions.

I notice that the vty are spilt into line vty 0 4 and line vty 5 15.

1) Now i did not put the username and password but instead i put a password in the line vty 0 4, will i still be able to telnet in?

2) I put a username and password (aaa) to the configuration but this time no password inside vty 0 4. Will i be able to telnet in?

3) Now i add in a different password (bbb) into the same configuration line vty 0 4, can i still be able to telnet in?

4) Say line vty 0 4 password is (bbb), line vty 5 15 password is (ccc) and the username 123 password (aaa).

Can i say the fifth telnet to the switch is using either (aaa) or (ccc) password?


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