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Jul 15th, 2008
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Does anybody know if the Cisco DSL CPEs 85X are supporting or will support in a next release the GSHDSL BIS extension?

Nothing deals with this on CCO.


In Europe, a variant of G.SHDSL was standardized by ETSI using the name

'SDSL'. This ETSI variant is not compatible with the ITU-T G.SHDSL

standardized regional variant for Europe and must not be confused with

the usage of the term 'SDSL' in North America.

The latest standardization efforts (G.SHDSL.bis) tend to allow for

flexibly changing the amount of bandwidth dedicated to each transport

unit to provide 'dynamic rate repartitioning' of bandwidth demands

during the uptime of the interface and optionally provides for

'extended data rates' by using a different modulation method (32-TCPAM

instead of 16-TCPAM, where TCPAM is Trellis-Coded Pulse Amplitude

Modulation). Also, a new payload type is introduced: packet based, e.g.

to allow for Ethernet-frames to be transported natively. (Currently,

they may only be framed in ATM or T1/E1/...). G.SHDSL.bis can deliver a

minimum of 2 Mbit/s and a maximum of 5.69 Mbit/s over distances of up

to 2.7 km (9 Kft).


Many thanks.


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