thfergus Tue, 07/15/2008 - 05:18
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What is the exact version of message store, e.g. Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes Domino? If the message store is Microsoft Exchange and is installed on the same server as the Unity software, ensure the server has enough free disk space.

sherifato Tue, 07/15/2008 - 06:55
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Thanks thferqus,

The version of the message store is exchange and installed on the same server.

This is a fresh installation as it is not yet in use by the users.

How do I handle that.


thfergus Tue, 07/15/2008 - 07:04
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Locate the drive where the Exchange database has been installed and determine how much free space is available. If very little free space is available, examine the \Exchsrvr\MDBDATA folder to see how many files are stored there. If the server is low on hard drive space, you can delete some of the files stored there to recover space.


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