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Jul 15th, 2008

Could someone provide a list of OSPF area types with their route entries? I ran across a question prepping for the BSCI asking to list the symbols for STUB, totally Stub, and NSSA area types. (O, O IA, O*IA, O N2) I can't find any information in either of my BSCI books (self study and cert cisco press) and can't find any information on google. I want to completely understand the questions rather than memorizing!!

I have this problem too.
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farellfolly Tue, 07/15/2008 - 05:21

You could find some information here: http://forums.cisco.com/eforum/servlet/CCNP?page=practice (you do need an account)

Go to the Quick learning modules section and select " Configuring OSPF Special Area Types" and /or "Link State Advertisements ". The last slides in both cases (slides relating to the show ip route or show ip ospf database commands)

summary the LSA types and the matching routing tables for the different OSPF area types

Actually, you won't see an N1, E1, N2 or E2 route in the routing table of a stub area. And the is no OSPF inter area routes (O IA) in a totally stub area, only the default intra area route exists !!!

cowetacoit Tue, 07/15/2008 - 05:28

dude! Perfect. I didn't know about that site. Lots of helpful information. I passed my BCMSN test at the end of 06. I need to take the other 3. This will help out a lot. Thanks!

cowetacoit Wed, 07/16/2008 - 04:16

I'm going to get scolded for studying with these kind of questions....but...

Which of the following OSPF routes are supported by the Not-So-Stubby-Area

(NSSA) type? (Select three)

A. O N1


C. O N2

D. O* N2

E. O* IA

Answer: B, C, D

I am trying to find a chart on these route types that correspond with the area types. The testing software had a brief explanation but i would like to find some more in depth documentation to read up on.

Hi There

If the question you posted was pulled from braindump material, then you can expect to be scolded. You should not be using this type of material for exam prep!!!!

Part of my my BSCI study material was the Bryant Advantage BSCI Study guide, and the following is taken from that material.

Stub Area's can contain O, O IA and O* IA Routes

Total Stub Areas can contain O, O* IA routes only

NSSA's can contain O, O IA, O N2, O* N2, O N1 and O* N1 routes.

So from that you can see that there are actually 4 of the 5 answers correct. The route type that is not found in a NSSA is "E, O* IA" routes


Best Regards,


cowetacoit Wed, 07/16/2008 - 05:56

The material i am using is 2 BSCI 901 books, and real equipment for labs. I try to fully understand the logic behind every practice question and answer. I ran across this question and couldn't find any material behind it. I'll look up the material you suggested.


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