issue with XML post when port used with server name

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Jul 15th, 2008
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Hi Guys,

We are currently using an agent on our application servers which puts a server in "inservice standby" if the CPU load on the system goes above 75%. This agent is using an XML post on the CSM to achieve this and put the server back inservice using XML post as well.

Currently we are trying to use the same agent for another application which has a port number defined as well and it does not seem to work.

To give an example where it works:

serverfarm TEST

nat server

nat client TEST

real name BLABLA


The example where it does not work:

serverfarm TEST

nat server

nat client TEST

real name BLABLA 50000

When we get the server name via XML we see that CSM returns the name as BLABLA: 50000 however using the same in the script does not work.

Would someone know how to put the port number in an XML script so that the CSM understands which server need to be changed.



Correct Answer by Syed Iftekhar Ahmed about 8 years 11 months ago

It would be some thing in line with the following example

<?xml version="1.0" ?>

The DTD for CSM XML will let you know what tags and attributes are available to use:




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