monitoring TCAM usage on C6K

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Jul 16th, 2008


is there an SNMP way to monitor IPv4 TCAM usage on a C6K? i can type 'sh platform hardware cap pfc | begin L3 Forwarding Resources' and see how close I am to overflowing my TCAM ...

but i'd rather poll some OID intermittently and shriek when the percent of free resources drops below some threshold i set

i've poked through, and i'm pretty sure that answer to this is 'no' ... now i'm looking for confirmation


stuart kendrick


I have this problem too.
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STUART KENDRICK Tue, 07/22/2008 - 08:23

hmm, i'm skeptical

i see that the text describing the bug suggests that this feature is available


i don't see any mention of IPv4 TCAM resources in the first URL you list. i don't see any mention of TCAM or FIB in the second URL you list

furthermore, here is snmpwalk output on a Sup720-3B attempting to carry a full Internet route feed ... and overflowing its IPv4 TCAM resources in the process

guru> snmpbulkwalk -c public mmz-b-rtr cseTcamResourceUsed

cseTcamResourceUsed.1021.aclStorageMask = Gauge32: 124

cseTcamResourceUsed.1021.aclStorageValue = Gauge32: 169

cseTcamResourceUsed.1021.qosStorageMask = Gauge32: 22

cseTcamResourceUsed.1021.qosStorageValue = Gauge32: 22

cseTcamResourceUsed.1021.l4PortOperator = Gauge32: 0

cseTcamResourceUsed.1021.interfaceMapping = Gauge32: 10

cseTcamResourceUsed.1021.ingressInterfaceMapping = Gauge32: 8

cseTcamResourceUsed.1021.egressInterfaceMapping = Gauge32: 2

guru> snmpbulkwalk -c public mmz-b-rtr cseTcamResourceTotal

cseTcamResourceTotal.1021.aclStorageMask = Gauge32: 4096

cseTcamResourceTotal.1021.aclStorageValue = Gauge32: 32768

cseTcamResourceTotal.1021.qosStorageMask = Gauge32: 4096

cseTcamResourceTotal.1021.qosStorageValue = Gauge32: 32768

cseTcamResourceTotal.1021.l4PortOperator = Gauge32: 128

cseTcamResourceTotal.1021.interfaceMapping = Gauge32: 4096

cseTcamResourceTotal.1021.ingressInterfaceMapping = Gauge32: 4096

cseTcamResourceTotal.1021.egressInterfaceMapping = Gauge32: 4096


i see QoS and ACL TCAM parameters ... but no IPv4 TCAM parameters

what am i missing?



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