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Is it possible to configure CISCO UNITY Bridge to talk to more than one Octal messaging system. what I have is as follows

octal---unity bridge-cisco unity 4.21 , central site

octal (needs to be integerated with unity bridge)---unity 4.21 , remote site.

Both unity servers are part of same AD. We do have Unity bridge license on one box and it is running.

I would like to integerate second octal system to unity at remote site. Can I configure additional Octal Node on the existing Bridge and remote unity users can leave messages for remote octal messaging users.

Or I need to have sperate bridge license for remote unity to talk to new octal system.



I have this problem too.
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thfergus Fri, 07/18/2008 - 06:55

Shahid, the bridge server will make phones calls to and receive phones calls from the Octel node via fxo interfaces provided by voice-fax cards installed in the server. The Bridge masquerades as one or more nodes on the Octel analog network. Voice messages are transmitted between nodes by using ordinary phone connections. When one node calls another by dialing a specified phone number, the originating node transmits a sequence of DTMF tones to identify itself as an Octel node. The destination node then transmits DTMF tones in reply. If the destination node accepts the call, the originating node transmits each voice message by using analog playback, and the destination node records each message and delivers it. To the Octel servers, the Bridge behaves like any other Octel node on the Octel analog network.

Messaging between the Bridge and Cisco Unity is done over the Internet or any TCP/IP network by using SMTP. The Bridge sends messages to an SMTP server that you specify when configuring the Bridge server. (The SMTP server may be an Exchange server or another server configured to relay SMTP messages.) The SMTP server then routes messages to Exchange, which delivers messages to recipient mailboxes.

So,yes the Bridge server in the US can be configured to communicate with the Octel system in the UK.

Specific configuration steps can be found at this link:


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