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rob.huffman Sun, 07/20/2008 - 09:35

Hi Vikram,

DNS is required for this type of integration;

Limitations and Restrictions

The following considerations apply to the setting up of VPIM networking between Cisco Unity Express and Cisco Unity:

Each location ID (dial ID) must contain at least three digits.

Network addressing must be done through DNS (in other words, with hostnames). Direct IP addresses can be used for networking between Cisco Unity Express sites, but they cannot be used if any of the sites in the network are Cisco Unity systems.

If network broadcast messaging is used, the VPIM broadcast ID on Cisco Unity Express must be configured to be numeric only. The default string (vpim-broadcast) is alphanumeric and cannot be used to network with Cisco Unity.

Cisco Unity Express allows configuration of up to 500 sites (one local and up to 499 remote).

A redirect server (such as sendmail) can technically be used to redirect SMTP messages for VPIM networking between Cisco Unity Express and Cisco Unity, but this is an untested and unsupported configuration.

Each domain suffix must be unique within the Cisco Unity Express and Cisco Unity sites. For example, naming the sites cue4.cisco.com, cue6.cisco.com, and unity.cisco.com does not work, because the suffix for all sites is cisco.com. Instead use a scheme such as cue4.cue.cisco.com, cue6.cue.cisco.com, and unity.unity.cisco.com. This scheme distinguishes between the cue.cisco.com and unity.cisco.com domains.


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