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To define the conditions for redistributing routes from one routing protocol into another, or to enable policy routing, use the route-map command in global configuration mode and the match and set command in route-map configuration modes. To delete an entry, use the no form of this command.

route-map map-tag [permit | deny] [sequence-number]

no route-map map-tag [permit | deny] [sequence-number]



The following example redistributes Routing Information Protocol (RIP) routes with a hop count equal to 1 into Open Shortest Path First (OSPF). These routes will be redistributed into OSPF as external link-state advertisements (LSAs) with a metric of 5, metric type of Type 1, and a tag equal to 1.

router ospf 109

redistribute rip route-map rip-to-ospf

route-map rip-to-ospf permit

match metric 1

set metric 5

set metric-type type1

set tag 1

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