Inventory Tracking with CER 2.0

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Jul 22nd, 2008
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Is there a way to create an automated report within CER? I have 2000 phones and I need to be able to track which phones are registered and which ones are not registered. Is there a way to do this besides manually exporting to an excel sheet and manually sorting it? Does Cisco offer any tools to create custom reports for CER 2.0?

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Chad Stachowicz Tue, 07/22/2008 - 07:58
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Unfortunatly I believe the answer ot your question is no. Thats the best youw ill do from a CER perspective. My question is, why from CER and not from CCM? Other then the fact that RIS status is a pain in the ass to get in CCM, which is silly


james_oleary Tue, 07/22/2008 - 08:03
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It is a 6.1.2 cluster and I am not familiar with the informix SQL.

Is there a way to do custom reports in CUCM 6.x?

Tommer Catlin Tue, 07/22/2008 - 14:36
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CER will only report which phones are registered and plugged into a CDP switch or have an IP address in CAM table that match. If you have phones that are not registered in CUCM, you will have to look there.

Is there another way? I believe you can search by unregistered phones in CUCM right from devices. Sort out what you are looking for.

Are you trying to clean up old phones or?

james_oleary Wed, 07/23/2008 - 06:04
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Not so much trying to clean up old phones as I am trying to track the loss of telephone sets. Gremlins seem to move them, stuff them into desk drawers, unplug them, and a other odd things seem to happen to 7961 sets around here.

Tommer Catlin Wed, 07/23/2008 - 07:37
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ahh.. those kind of gremlins. I started a project with a client that required to have all phones tracked. They needed to know if they were unplugged for more than 10 seconds or if they were left off hook more than 10 seconds also. Litescape has a product that would monitor the state the phones were in CUCM. (registered, unregistered, IP address , etc) Im sure what they were doing was pulling that info, then matching up the IP address subnets by locations. So if MAC address and IP was in location A (location A was definded as 10.10.1.x) and a report showed that it moved to MAC and IP address . to location B: (Location B was defined as 10.20.1.x). Someone moved the move.

You can also try and limit movement of the phones by shutting down switch ports that are not used or the POE so the phone can not power up. I had a problem with people moving desks because they wanted to sit somewhere else. Turning off the POE helped.

CER, if you want to get crazy detailed, you can inventory your switches to the port, and cross connect each port to specific location, then label it. Any time you need to find a phone, and it's online, you should be able to look it up in CER and find it's location.


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