Usage of ReqICMLabel??

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Jul 22nd, 2008
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Hi All -

I'm playing around with the "ReqICMLabel" element in Call Services Studio, and I can't seem to find anywhere that actually describes how to configure and use it.

I know it is designed for use in CVP Standalone, but can it be used in Comprehensive? Seems like it would be an extremely powerful tool if so...

Any help would be appreciated - I've never seen so many hits in a document with not a single one of them providing the answer. The Config and Admin Guide is riddled with "ReqICMLabel", but not any mention of HOW to configure it.

All my Call Services application log is telling me is "The callGuid or DNIS is null", which I'm painfully aware of since I can't figure out how to specify the DNIS I want to use for the route request to ICM.

Thanks in advance!!

- Bill

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We actually had a thread here about the ReqICMLabel. It is designed for Standalone, as you said.

I could not see its use in Comprehensive at all - what would it do that we cannot do with FromVXML and ToVXML args? I can't see how it "would be an extremely powerful tool".

But someone from Cisco posted an interesting use of this element in a Comprehensive deployment I had not thought of. See if you can find that thread. I haven't used it, but I'm interested.



wiwebb Tue, 07/22/2008 - 16:48
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There's a few uses that could be possible with Comprehensive mode, but the big one, in general, is the ability to get real-time ICM data without having to end the application and return to ICM.

An example would be a queuing application. It would be easiest to just run an application that plays some welcome prompts and then loops with some music and maybe additional prompts. However, if you need to check for agents still logged on, an emergency situation, etc., then you had to end that application, return to ICM to perform those checks, and then call another application to put the caller "back in queue". This just created more complicated ICM scripts.

But with the ability to have essentially a parallel process (another ICM script triggered by the ReqICMLabel element) performing those checks, you can essentially have "subroutines" in ICM scripting, which is something that hasn't really been available before. In other words, I can have a "generic" script in ICM that takes Call Variables from the ReqICMLabel that calls it and pull stats for any call flow that I might need, instead of replicating that process within the "queue loop" of every ICM script.

I'll search around for the other thread, and let you know what I come up with. It may not be worth the trouble, but I hope to prove that beyond a doubt once I understand the capabilities.

If it proves useful, then the same type of mechanism is available in IP-IVR, which could make the whole setup usable for any UCCE deployment.

- Bill


But you would not write a "queuing application" in Audium.

I normally mix CVP VXML apps (menus, db lookup, web services) with microapps (prompts, simple menus and get digits, and prompts for queue to skill group). I do all the things you mention (check for logged on agents, emergency agents etc) with standard ICM nodes among the microapps.

The mix of CVP VXML and microapps is now documented as standard Cisco advice.



wadegong Thu, 07/24/2008 - 10:35
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Both you are right that ReqICMLabel was designed to be used by Standalone CVP. So a Studio application can get a label (e.g the phone number of an available agent) from ICM and the following element (e.g a transfer element) can use the returned value (e.g. to substitute the transfer destination). You can pass variables to ICM and get variables back from ICM. And you can access the returned values in the following elements of the application. These variables are described in details in CVP "Configuration and Administration Guide".

But, you can NOT use the ReqICMLabel in a comprehensive call flow. The reason is that the dnis you need to invoke an ICM script is not passed to VXML application for comprehensive call flow and we do not support to override the dnis in ReqICMLabel element (in future release, we may provide this functionality if customers request it).


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