IPCCE version 5: CallType and webview reporting issues

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Jul 23rd, 2008
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Hi All;

Anyone faced this problem:

I am using IPCCE 5 and we have an ICM script contains multiple CallType in the path (call type at node 1 and call type at node 2 and then call type before the queue to skill group node which makes the route), we discover that in the webview, only the last calltype which is before the queue to skill group node that has values in the reports, while others are zero. In other words, the reports worked only for the edge calltypes and did not work fine for the intermediate calltypes.

Any advise how to resolve this?



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david.macias Wed, 07/23/2008 - 05:01
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That is correct, if you look at the documentation the last call type before the call hits a queu is the only one that will keep stats. For the most part most call types in between will show a call offered and a call routed out.


bilalghayad Wed, 07/23/2008 - 12:36
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Also, what do u mean by Overflow Out and Flow Out?



bilalghayad Wed, 07/23/2008 - 12:34
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What do u mean by call offered and call routed out?



cherilynn1030 Thu, 07/24/2008 - 04:49
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The previous call types in the scripting will show the number of contacts that 'pegged' there, but the report will not show wait times, or any other stats other than routing out (or flow out.)

if you run the call type all fields report, you will be able to see this. I too, wish it were different, but as stated above, the LAST call type set prior to queuing or selecting an agent will be the call type that gathers statistics for abandonment rate, average wait time, etc.

What cherilynn1030 says is accurate. I personally don't see any problem with this.

I think of call types in two classes.

Ones that are used to define the segmentation as the call is divided by dialed number, DB lookup and so on. These all "overflow out". Peg counts only.

The second class of call type are what I call a "queuing call type" - I always name these with a suffix of "_Q" so they are easy to see and select in WebView call type reports.

As other posters have noted, only on these will you get abandon rates, average speed of answer etc.

I set the appropriate "_Q" call type right at the top of each script that includes "queue to skill group". With complex routing scripts that queue to multiple skill groups, and/or bring in overflow skill groups after some time, the stats on this "_Q" call type represents the performance of the routing script, not the skill groups.

These call types accurately measure the customer experience.

You have to design your call type tree to work with these IPCC parameters in mind.




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