UCCE Trans-Route JTAPI Triggers

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Chris Deren Wed, 07/23/2008 - 14:17

I don't belive such documentation exists, can you elaborate more on your issue/concern?


The thing I am wondering is how many JTAPI triggers are required per application on the IP-IVR and how that correlates to the number of DNIS numbers tied to the translation route service created in IPCCE if any and also the other way around. I have attempted to find information on this several times in the past without any luck.

For example if I have a IP-IVR application with 200 sessions and ports available and I have a single JTAPI Trigger and a Single DNIS label on the Translation Route service, will this work or do I have to have "X" number of JTAPI triggers per session and "X" number of DNIS labels on the translation route service.

Not sure if this clears up my question though.

Thank you,


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